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One of the most dangerous risks to your oral health is oral cancer, including throat cancer. If you’re showing any abnormal signs or symptoms with your teeth and gums, as well as issues with your head, neck, or face area, it is important to visit our staff for a comprehensive oral cancer screening.

If you ever notice any irregular signs with your oral health, it may be linked to throat cancer. Oral cancer is an extremely common, yet serious disease that affects individuals of all ages. In the US every year, over 40,000 individuals are diagnosed with oral and throat cancer. In addition, the 5-year survival rate of those diagnosed is slightly over 60%. Thus, survival often depends on detecting the cancer early.

Common signs and symptoms of oral cancer include a chronic sore throat, ear pain, dramatic weight loss, difficulty chewing and speaking, persistent throat soreness, as well as unexplained numbness and loss of feeling in your head, neck, or face areas. Visual indications of oral cancer include unexplained bleeding in your mouth, rough patches visible in your mouth, and various forms of swelling, inflammation, and erosion.

If you require an oral cancer screening, Dr. Seth Rumley and our team at Midtown Dental will help you with your oral health care. If you would like to book an appointment with our dentist office in Raleigh, North Carolina, please call us at 919-847-8074.