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Discomfort in your teeth when you consume certain foods and beverages, can alter your lifestyle choices, and impact your quality of life. Even if you find some relief from a special toothpaste, chances are the underlying cause can worsen, leading to more significant oral health problems.

The source of your tooth sensitivity will be a major factor in the treatment plan advocated by the dentists at Midtown Dental’s Raleigh, North Carolina clinic.

Enamel erosion from poor oral hygiene and the excessive consumption of acidic beverages could be the root cause of tooth sensitivity. In time this can erode the mineral density of tooth enamel to form microscopic channels through the enamel to the sensitive dentin layer of the tooth.

A situation like this can often be improved by having one of our dentists administer a simple fluoride treatment. This might also be followed up by you using prescription fluoride supplements and brushing your teeth twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste.

Cavities on multiple teeth is also a common cause of sensitivity issues. If you put off having the tooth decay treated, the bacterial presence will slowly penetrate deeper into the tooth. In time this could result in the loss of multiple teeth.

At the same time, a chronic sinus infection can also apply excess pressure on the nerves of your upper teeth causing tooth sensitivity. In some of these cases, you’ll need your primary physician to recommend or prescribe a decongestant.

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