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Maintaining a healthy mouth throughout the course of your life may rely on a variety of different factors. It starts with a consistent oral hygiene regimen that uses high quality oral care products and carefully practiced techniques. Having our dentist administer a dental checkup twice a year can further help to clean your teeth, while he also examines your mouth for any early signs of a developing problems.

The dental checkup starts with one of Midtown Dental’s dental hygienists performing a professional dental cleaning treatment to remove hardened tartar, plaque and other bacterial deposits from your teeth. This phase of the appointment may also includes a polishing treatment to address any minor dental stains.

Dr. Seth Rumley can then perform a dental exam to detect any signs of cavities, periodontal disease and oral cancer. If he identifies a problem area he can help you understand your treatment options, which might also include applying a simple preventive measure.

Sometimes administering a simple fluoride treatment can help strengthen your tooth enamel, to help prevent cavities in between your dental checkups. Any active cavities will likely require a second appointment to treat the affected tooth.

If you live in the Raleigh, North Carolina, area and you have a dental health concern, you should call 919-847-8074 to schedule a dental checkup.