Large Cavities Can Be Repaired Using an Inlay or Onlay Filling

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The occlusal or biting surface of molars and premolars can often have deep pits and fissures. From a functionality standpoint, this helps back teeth chew tough foods. However, these areas can sometimes trap plaque and residual food particles, which promotes cavity formation.

If the cavity is modest in size, your dentists can usually repair it using an inlay or onlay filling.

Inlays are used to repair large cavities that are on the biting surface of a back tooth. Onlays are used to repair a larger area of decay that might extend from the biting surface to the sides of a back tooth.

To place the fillings our dentists will numb the area before using a drill to remove the decayed enamel. This leaves behind a clean, healthy surface to cement a filling in place. Then, he will take a detailed impression of the area and will apply a temporary filling.

The impression will be sent off to the dental lab where the inlay or onlay will be made. When it’s ready, our dentists will call you back into Midtown Dental for a second appointment. The temporary filling will be removed and the inlay or onlay will be securely cemented in place.

If you suspect that one of your back teeth has developed a cavity, you should not delay in contacting our dentists at 919-847-8074 to have it examined, treated and repaired. We are happy to help you with dental inlays and onlays in Raleigh, North Carolina.