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Did you know that lasers have been around in dentistry since the early 90s and continue to be used in a wide array of dental procedures today? Lasers provide a level of precision that is not possible with the human touch, allowing services to be given that are extremely safe and effective.

Lasers can be designed to assist with your smile. Here are a few treatments that lasers can benefit:

– When root canal treatments are required, lasers can be used to reshape the gums and clear away any contamination around the area before the treatment is applied.
– We can use lasers to do what is called gum recontouring or to change the position of your gumline.
– Teeth whitening treatments can implement lasers to activate gels placed in your mouth to remove deep stains and discolorations.
– Lasers can be used for minor oral health care treatments including the removal of canker sores and lesions.
– Laser dentistry is highly effective for cavities and tooth decay and can be used to prepare teeth for dental fillings.

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