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Protecting your teeth and gums is a never-ending quest that should be constantly adhered to and practiced at all times. Oral accidents are not set on a schedule, and cannot be predicted. However, the less effort you put into your preparation, the higher the risk that an oral accident can occur.

Mouth jewelry is an oral accident waiting to happen. Not only are many forms of mouth jewelry hard items capable of easily chipping and cracking teeth, but they also can lead to infectious diseases, and can become a choking hazard if they break off. Protect your teeth and gums by removing mouth jewelry from your life.

Be careful of the products you put into your mouth. Even chewing on pens or your fingernails can cause damage to your teeth, and allow potential chipping or cracking to occur. Also try to avoid opening anything with your mouth, as this can knock out teeth or cause serious fractures and breakage to occur. In addition, exercise caution when eating products that can cause oral accidents.

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